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Thanks to all team member and doctors specially .Dr. Sonia & Dr. vandana  I’ll app

- Bhavna


I highly recommend  Southend ‘IVF to every couple going through infertility. After try

- Kanika Oberoi Nanda


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  • ART Programme

    Every human being wishes to procreate and historically, infertility has been like a curse for any individual affected by it. Couples may find ...

  • Male Infertility Programme

    Ever since the human race evolved on the earth, it is the female who has been seen as the carrier of pregnancy and it was taken for granted th...

  • Third Party Options

    Third party reproduction refers to the use of oocytes, sperm, embryos or uterus that has been provided to a couple/ single individual (called ...

  • Recurrent Pregnency Loss Programme

    There is nothing more painful than losing a pregnancy repeatedly! It is not only devastating for the patient but also the treating doctor! RPL is defined as a situation wher...

  • Overseas Programme

    Southend Fertility and IVF offers a comprehensive Infertility Management program under one roof to couples who find problems in having a child...