About Us, Mission & Vision, Values

Southend Fertility & IVF is one of the leading fertility treatment centres in Delhi that has helped thousands of couples conceive their own baby using advanced assisted reproductive techniques (ART). Established in 2001, Southend was founded by Dr. Sonia Malik, renowned Infertility and IVF Specialist and Dr. Avatar Krishan, a leading Anesthesiologist as a dream to offer comprehensive fertility treatment services to patients in a compassionate, transparent and ethical eco-system. Grown from the first centre at Vasant Vihar to now Five centres spread across Delhi, Haryana & Punjab, Southend has assisted thousands of couples with conception using advanced fertility treatments.

The driving philosophy of Southend is to analyze patient’s problems and offer the most appropriate therapy. Hence, 30-40% of the patients are not advised to an IVF cycle at Southend, contrary to the popular belief that patients are always made to undergo an IVF in fertility centers and clinics.

The in-depth analysis of each individual case had allowed the team of specialists at Southend to sometime achieve a successful outcome by using the beginner’s and cost-effective techniques like IUI. This has been made possible due to the value-based patient-centric approach imbibed in every member of the Southend’s family. Southend’s value-system stands strong on the key pillars ofethics,expertiseand carewith the patient at the core.

  • Ethics

    As a single specialty setup, focused on fertility, Southend’s first and foremost focus is at being ethical in all its conduct. This value is not just limited to merely clinical practices, but further extends as an ideology abided by all at Southend.
  • Expertise

    Southend’scontinuous endeavor is to provide only the best medical treatment to our patients. Wefollow practices of international standards that have been deeply imbibed in our team, treatment and the procedures, helping us deliver the highest results.
  • Care

    Most of our patients are emotionally stressed, hence, our team assume it to be their duty to give our patients an environment that is not only stress-free but is also empathetic, caring and compassionate.
    5 Operational Centers
    10000 ART Cycles
    15 Team Members
    3500 Happy Couples

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