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About Us

Southend Fertility and IVF  offers a comprehensive Infertility Management programme under one roof to couples who find problems in having a child. Our first centre was started in 2001 and has performed consistently well since then. We boast of  complete transparency in  treatment, compassionate staff, lively environment and promising results. Patients who come back to us after failed cycles are a reflection of  confidence and satisfaction in our mode of treatment.

Our philosophy is to analyze patient problems and offer the most appropriate therapy – 30 – 40% of the patients therefore do not undergo IVF in our centre. This is contrary to popular belief that patients are always made to undergo IVF in a facility such as ours!

Our centres today are a perfect blend of academics and ethical clinical practice. It has & are popular amongst the medical fraternity for training in infertility management. Our academic achievements have been applauded internationally giving us the honor of being research collaborators with the prestigious Reproductive Research Centre of the Cleveland Clinic, USA since 2008. ( One line for training prgram)

It is our Endeavour to help couples in decision making, make treatment as cost effective as possible for them and advise them to choose other options when successful treatment is unlikely. We welcome you to our facility, stand committed to you and hope you shall enjoy your experience with us.

Our Values


As a single specialty setup, focused on fertility, Southend’s first and foremost focus is at being ethical in all its conduct.  This value is not just limited to merely clinical practices, but furtheer extends as an ideology abided by all at Southend


Southend’s continuous endeavor is to provide only the best medical treatment to our patients. We follow practices of international standards that have been deeply imbibed in our team, treatment and the procedures, helping us deliver the highest results


Most of our patients are emotionally stressed, hence, our team assume it to be their duty to give our patients an environment that is not only stress-free but is also empathetic, caring aend compassionate.