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We understand that it is a desire and not a disease that brings you to us. We stand committed in ensuring the delight of parenthood to you!
15 Tips of choosing an IVF Centre
  • Expertise: More than 5000 babies delivered through SFIC’S ART program.
  • Patient convenience is our priority and we mark our presence in four locations of Delhi & NCR, Punjab… Expanding More in coming months.
  • Experience: Southend Fertility and IVF opened it’s first centre in 2001. We have conducted over 10000 ART Cycles.
  • International Affiliation: Complete infertility treatment under one roof. Research collaborators with the prestigious reproductive research center of the CLEAVEL AND CLINIC USA Since 2008.
  • Best Doctors: India’s renowned doctor’s with vast experience in infertility.
  • High Success Rate: High success rate in complicated & multiple IVF, IUI failure patients.
  • Forte: First center in the country to offer comprehensive detection & management of genital tuberculosis, PCOS.
  • High success rate in third party reproduction: High success rates in surrogacy & donor required patients.
  • Transparency & Environment: We boast of complete transparency in treatment, compassionate staff, lively environment & promising results.
  • Technology: Cutting edge technology.
  • Internationally recognized doctors with combined clinical experience of more than 100 yrs.
  • Ethical Conduct: We are ethical in our practice and conduct.
  • Our Aim: Our aim is to provide couples their own genetic child.
  • Well Organized: We are well organized and serving community from more than 15 years with good success rates and ethical practice.
  • Confidentiality: We keep all patients records confidential and always try to make your treatment as confidential as we can.