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EGG / SPERM Freezing for cancer patients

Cancers are on the rise. Reproductive tract cancers like cancer of the cervix, uterus and breast in the females and testicular cancers in the males have also increased lately. This seems to be happening in women because of late marriages and child bearing, and in men because of environmental toxins. According to the Indian cancer registry, breast cancer affects younger women of reproductive age group in India than in the west. This alarming trend has a direct bearing on women wanting to have children. However, what is reassuring is that with better therapeutic modalities the survival rates are much improved. Such couples where one partner is affected or in men and women who are still single but wish to preserve their reproductive potential, ART offers the option of freezing gametes and embryos before cancer therapy begins and using them whenever the patient desires later. These can be stored for long periods like 5-10yrs without any harm. With the option of third party reproduction like surrogacy, the women can feel safe even if they cannot carry the child. This option is available to patients of all types of cancers, not just reproductive cancers.Thus, cryopreservation has opened a whole new world of hope for cancer survivors! We offer long term storage of sperms, oocytes and embryos for all such patients.

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