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Things to know about Egg Freezing and Vitrification

Cryopreservation is a process of freezing cells or tissue that has been around for decades. The eggs have a high water content, which made slow-freezing techniques less efficient as ice crystals used to form, and when the eggs are thawed, those ice crystals can fracture and damage the egg.

To solve this problem vitrification has grown in popularity. It is very much superior to traditional egg freezing. Vitrification is an ultra-rapid process and doesn’t allow the formation of the ice crystals. It also involves the use of new cryoprotectants, that protect tissue from damage.

With vitrification, an egg is placed in a bath with a cryoprotectant as well as sucrose. That sugar helps to draw some of the water out of the egg. The egg is then placed in a high-concentration cryoprotectant for about a minute. Then, it is placed in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of -196°C, that helps in the instant freezing of the egg that turns to a glass-like substance.

This vitrification process done helps to reduce the damages to the egg that further improved success rates in the process.

The experts also indicated that the eggs can now be kept frozen for a long time with no degradation in quality with this process. All you need to take medications for about a week to prepare the uterine lining for pregnancy, then the vitrification process is reversed to allow warming and for rehydration, when you are ready to use your eggs. The procedure warms the eggs, which are then placed back in an incubator in the lab, where they can be injected with a sperm three to four hours later. The embryos are allowed 3-5 days to develop before a uterine transfer occurs.

We understand our army men/women deals with plenty of hard work and life-threatening circumstances which may cause emotional harm to your family too. Nobody can fill that gap but we are trying to help you to support your family with a gift of a baby even after any mishappening occurs. You can have your own genetic child even in case of any fertility problem you face in future.

Egg freezing consists of freezing of viable eggs (oocytes) prior to fertilisation.

This process may be considered for a woman who is about to undergo certain medical treatments, such as for cancer, which affects the ovaries thereby preventing her from producing eggs in the future. Freezing eggs for fertilisation Delhi available at Southend Fertility and IVF.


(1) Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is ideal for women who have chosen to delay motherhood due to career, education or lifestyle choices, and for women who have yet to meet their life partner to share childbirth with.

(2) Just like your Life Insurance you can now ensure your fertility in the form of sperms in case of males and eggs/ovum in case of females in case you have been diagnosed with Cancer. The process is very simple and will not harm you in your daily routine life.


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