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Fertility Preservation or Egg freezing has now become an important “backup plan” or “fertility insurance” that allows young fertile women to take the time to find suitable long-term partners, complete their education, achieve financial stability or further their career goals without having to worry about their future fertility and chances of conception. Egg freezing is a process which involves the stimulation of the ovaries, followed by transvaginal retrieval and subsequent freezing and preservation of a woman’s viable eggs or oocytes. Walk-in our center for Fertility check-up Delhi.

Social egg freezing is usually offered to women under 38 years of age who want to have a healthy, genetically related child(ren) at a later date. Social egg freezing can be followed by in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer at a later date which offers two important benefits to women who anticipate becoming pregnant at an advanced age: it provides them with the possibility of becoming a parent with their own frozen-thawed eggs, and it reduces the risk of having children with chromosomal abnormalities associated with ovarian aneuploidy when conceiving at a later age. In addition, for women who do not have a partner or for women who wish to become single mothers later in life, egg freezing becomes an option.

This method also acts as a lifeline for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can all be very effective in treating cancers but have profound effects on future fertility. The most successful techniques include obtaining and preserving the gametes (eggs or sperm) or creating embryos for couples, all for future use after the cancer treatments are completed. Fertility treatment cost Delhi is affordable for many couples.


  • All Female Investigations
  • Semen Freezing* (In case of Embryo Freezing)
  • Ovum Pick Up
  • Embryology Working* (In case of Embryo Freezing)
  • 1st Year Freezing
  • Unlimited Storage Renewal for as low as Rs. 1300/- per month*

To Renew Your Annual Embryo Preservation.