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A Small Guide Regarding ICSI-IVF Treatment- Cost of IVF treatment in Delhi & IUI cost in Delhi

The increased success rate of IVF treatment has made it quite popular. Now, people having infertility issues do not get depressed but believe in IVF treatment to get blessed with a baby. India is carving out a special image at the forefront when it comes to IVF treatment. Moreover, patients do come here from outside to have the quality based treatment and the reason is the incredible success rate and affordable IVF treatment cost Delhi.

When it comes to having fertility treatment, patients do have much confusion. They want to know how much it cost, what sort of risks they could have and so on. Going for the first time IVF treatment can make any patient go confused. Fortunately, IVF treatment comes up with a huge success rate too. IUI treatment is also quite popular in this context. Experienced doctors let you know all about IUI Procedure Cost Delhi in a detailed manner.

 A Brief Of ICSI-IVF Treatment –

Let us get to know about ICSI-IVF treatment risks in a discreet manner -

ICSI-IVF treatments do come up with regular risks, which it comes up in the IVF cycle too. You would not need to worry if having treatment from the best doctors. They know how to handle in case if unexpected complexity happens. However, talking about the ICSI procedure, additional one's risk could also be introduced. A normal pregnancy holds 1.5 to 3 % risk of major birth defect. And ICSI treatment comes up with a slightly increased risk of birth defects only. Moreover, it does not happen in every case but it is also considered a bit rare. What sorts of birth defects could happen during ICSI-IVF have been mentioned below such as –

  • Angelman Syndrome
  • Hypospadias
  • Sex Chromosome Abnormalities

Though they do occur in less than 1 % of babies only having ICSI with IVF treatment. It is also said that there could be a slightly increased risk of a male baby-oriented fertility issues in future too since it could be passed on genetically. Doctors also say that ICSI should not go with every IVF cycle. You should discuss with your doctor all kind of pros and cons of having this assisted reproduction technology.

Procedure For ICSI-IVF-

ICSI is done following a part of IVF in a lab. It could be said that IVF treatment would not seem quite different than a usual IVF treatment is done without ICSI. Here, it is being mentioned that In Vitro Fertilization Cost Delhi can vary from platform to platform. You can have the best services within your budget choosing the right platform. A regular IVF is one in which patients have to take ovarian stimulating drugs and it would be monitored by a doctor to check out the entire progress having blood tests and ultrasounds. They do wait until good-sizes follicles are grown enough and you would have to go with egg retrieval. In this process, eggs would be removed from your ovaries following a specialized and ultrasound-guided needle. Experts following the sophisticated method do each process.

After that, your partner will also have to provide his sperm sample on the same day. You may also go with having a sperm donor or previously frozen sperm in case your partner’s sperm is not good enough health to go with this treatment.

Once the eggs are retrieved then embryologist will do place the eggs in a special culture following a microscope as well as the tiny needle. Then a single sperm will be added into an egg so that expected egg retrieval could happen. If fertilization supposed to happen then a single or double embryo will be transferred into your uterus following a catheter within 2-5 days of retrieval. There was a time when IUI treatment cost Delhi used to be quite high but not it is not. Over time, the cost of fertility treatment has become affordable indeed.

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