Freezing for Cancer Patients


The 77% survival rate in cancer patients is very heartening, and now we need to address the long term consequences of cancer treatments on reproductive abilities in the future after cancer treatments are completed. Unfortunately, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can all be very effective in treating cancers, but have profound effects on future fertility.

The most successful techniques include obtaining and preserving the gametes (eggs or sperm) or creating embryos for couples, all for future use after the cancer treatments are completed.

Sperm banking is one the most successful, least expensive options for men diagnosed with fertility associated cancer such as testicular cancer. Even with very low sperm counts, men can have samples frozen for long periods of time followed by successful outcomes

For women who are having cancer treatment :This is a very difficult time for you. There is a fair chance that the chemotherapy will not make you sterile. If you have a partner then creating embryos and freezing them gives a better chance of a pregnancy than freezing eggs but will delay your treatment.