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Have Complete Faith

Have Complete Faith...

September 2019

By Kiran Sharma

I had visited several hospitals and doctors for Infertility treatment for about five years and I was about to give up. When I was just about to give up, a family friend suggested that I should meet Dr Sonia Malik. She told me that I have P.C.O.D, which is very prevalent in women these days.

I started my treatment at Southend with a Laparoscopy, followed by an IUI. I followed the treatment plan with complete faith and very soon, I conceived my first baby who is now six years old now & is the apple of our eye! Years passed and we had the desire to have another child to complete our family and again we approached Southend Fertility and IVF.

Since our age had advanced, Dr Malik suggested that we opt for IVF instead of IUI and I have been fortunate to conceive in the first attempt at IVF. As I write this, I have completed my first trimester and basking in the glow of motherhood which has been bestowed over me with the aid of Southend Fertility and IVF! I would like to thank Dr Sonia Malik and her entire team for taking care of me from the beginning and for making our dream come true!

For aspiring parents, I want to say:

  • Take your medicine and injection religiously.
  • Always stay positive.
  • Believe in your Doctor; he/she would do everything in their capacity to provide the best for you.
  • Always have faith upon your Doctor and in almighty (God).
  • A new world is waiting for you.