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How Fertility Coach Program Can Support Your IVF Journey?


How Fertility Coach Program Can Support Your IVF Journey?

August 2020

- Fertility Dost

In vitro fertilization, IVF is a journey chosen when you are not able to conceive naturally. This word itself strikes so many questions and queries, which if solved and answered carefully can make the journey of IVF really smooth for both you and your partner.

Many people straight away jump into IVF, forgetting to do their homework properly. You need to understand your body and prepare yourself both mentally and physically before opting for the treatment. So many questions pop up which needs to be handled wisely like; Which doctor to go for IVF? What is the success rate of the doctor? What happens during the process? What are the terms like AMH and ERA? What do I do after implant?  And many more...All you need is a proper Fertility Plan, which will help you in getting through all the struggles related to fertility issues, as it works as an essential tool for dealing with fertility issues.

What is a Fertility Plan?


Fertility Plan is a personalized and customized program, ensuring the best care and expertise available. It helps in taking out the extra confusion and puts you towards the main goal of your journey. Fertility Plan prepares you through proper guidance, by making customized plans to overcome the barriers of conception, by balancing the hormones with holistic methods, helping in body Detox and by offering community support with people with similar stories.


What are the Benefits of Fertility Plan?


Professionally trained fertility coaches, doctors and experts from various fields design the best programs and methods to remove the fertility barriers coming in the way of your success story. The benefits of a Fertility Plan include:

  1. Personal Coach

A personal coach connects with experts on your case with all your medical information. The coach helps in executing the Fertility Plan with you by motivating you throughout the journey and following up on your progress.

  1. Fertility Ayurveda

It offers Ayurvedic medications after a detailed consultation session.

  1. Fertility Nutrition

It helps in incorporating lifestyle changes by offering a formulated daily diet plan with Fertility Enhancing food.

  1. Emotional Counseling

It helps in managing stress and anxiety by healing tasks and offering positive affirmations practice on regular basis.

  1. Yoga

It offers daily guided Yoga plan, meditation and fertility massage through popular live online Yoga classes with experts.

  1. IVF Counseling

It offers IVF process counseling to the couples preparing for IVF and helps them to connect with authentic clinics.


Fertility Dost is India’s only trusted platform which brings you the professional Fertility Coaches to solve the fertility hurdles coming your way. Our community has coached several couples towards a happy and healthy parenthood.

We have come up with a Fertility Coach Program to help the couples in having a happy successful journey through holistic approach like Lifestyle changes, Nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda and a proper Fertility Plan which addresses the fertility issues. All you need to do is select a program as per your requirement and our team member will connect with you.

For any further query, join our community Fertility Dost and get personalized assistance.