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June 2020

By Anuradha Terker

I would like to share my IVF journey. It hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies. It was an emotional rollercoaster & it isn't an easy process physically. Besides, it is an expensive treatment. By the grace of Almighty and the guidance of the doctors at Southend IVF, we are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. We had been married for 15 years when we started our IVF journey. We always wanted children but were busy with our careers. Time does not standstill. On my 40th birthday, I realised that we will have to act fast if we want to have a child.

I read a lot of books & gathered information about IVF. Both of us decided to get the medical tests done and seek help if needed. The tests indicated that it was next to impossible for me to get pregnant naturally. After careful consideration, we decided to go in for IVF. My first round was unsuccessful. I found the whole process rather clinical, cold, and isolating and was not keen on going back to the same clinic for my next round.

One day, I had just come to visit a friend in Max Hospital and saw the signboard of Southend IVF. Just on a whim, I decided to go in and get some information. I met Devika and Pragati. Both were friendly and explained the whole process, and I was hopeful once again. In August 2017, I restarted my IVF treatment, the next two rounds were unsuccessful. I was once more depress ed. My husband believed that we should stop and that maybe we were not meant to have children, but Dr. Vandana advised me not to give up hope and try once again. I decided to take a break.

In 2018, I went in for my next round. This time I had a different protocol and it was decided that I will have a day 5 and a day 6 blastocyst transfer. In the first week of October, I had the transfer. Then the waiting began. On day 16 I had my beta HCG test. I was very nervous while collecting my results, I had had been disappointed earlier and had begun guarding my heart and preparing for the worst. On seeing a positive result I couldn't believe my eyes..... I was so happy. I thank the Almighty and three doctors and staff at Southend without whose support and guidance I would never have experienced the joy of motherhood.