Money is not precious, Time is.

Money is not precious, Time is.


Money is not precious, Time is.

January 2019

By Vandana Arora


My Journey for fertility started after one year of my marriage and found my destination at Southend Fertility & IVF at Vasant Vihar after 8 yrs of struggle with many renowned doctors.

One day I came to know about Dr. Sonia Malik and started getting treatment from her and delivered a baby boy very soon through IVF. The basic difference I could clearly see between other doctors and Dr. Sonia is that other doctors want to put you upon IVF directly but Dr. Sonia Malik always went through protocols, she was always trying to detect the basic reason for the infertility issue and then treated accordingly.

As in my case, despite of suffering from multiple problems she never put me on IVF. She suggest me to take medicines of IVF and go for the IUI procedure. It was our (Me and my husband 's ) decision to go for IVF. As we were not ready to waste one more month .Believe me money is not precious but time is..

Also, I want to say that IVF kids are just like any other child, in fact they are somewhat superior as they had gone through lots of screening in their fetal period. If you don't want to tell the society, it's completely your decision. Heartfelt wishes for all the to be parents and doctors.

Much much more to come in the near Future. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Sonia Malik.

For all the Aspiring parents I want to say that :

  • Never hide anything from your Doctor
  • Always have faith upon your Doctor, she is best for you.
  • Take your medicine and injection religiously.
  • Always stay positive
  • Nothing is impossible in this world if you are committed.
  • A new world is waiting for you.
  • IVF babies are God's greatest creations (That's why they take
  • time to reach in the world)


Gauraansh is an achiever, a maverick who has done his parent real proud. He is an astronomy enthusiast, a karate champion & a National level rank holder, apart from being a budding rap artist.