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My Struggle of 10 Years

Fertility Struggle

My Struggle of 10 Years

August 2019

By Geeta Sehgal

While penning this down, I don't know what's coming down from my eyes - tears of joy or tears of gratitude towards Southend Fertility & IVF, every member from staff to nurses to amazing humane doctors ... a 10-year journey to bring another life can't be summed up in a letter or appreciation note.

Let me start by bowing in front of The Almighty without his blessings nothing is possible, but for me, if someone asks me who I consider next to Almighty, then I will say Dr Vandana, she is like an elder sister, a friend, a mentor.

I was diagnosed with genital tuberculosis and endometriosis in 2009 and for which I got treated in 2009 itself. I knew that it was not going to be easy for me to conceive but with the immense experience of Dr Sonia Malik (Angel ) and Dr Vandana (Almighty) I heard the cry of my baby after almost 10 years of waiting. In this long journey, I have been to many IVF centres and even went to Mumbai for the same but more than the failures in these centres, it was their greed which made me feel sad. Even when I failed twice in Southend before conceiving, I didn't feel bad as there is a humane touch from all the members of Southend.

I have been connected to Southend for quite some time as I started my journey of becoming a mom from this clinic and ended becoming one in this clinic only so will recommend them to every couple aspiring to become parents.

I can't sum this 10 years of a long journey (emotional, financial) through a write-up but if somebody wants to meet me in person then I am more than happy to share my journey with them. I am completely indebted and grateful to Dr Sonia Malik to Dr Vandana to Vikas to Devika to all the past and present staff of South end, God bless every staff of Southend.

At the end a special tribute and gratitude to Dr Vandana, I don't think there is any word in the dictionary to express what place you have in our hearts, God bless you doctor, Didi, mentor.