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My Tricky Case

Tricky Case

My Tricky Case

June 2019

By Avneet Kaur

We just wanted to thank you and your lovely staff for helping us to have a family. You are the kindest group of people and you were all so patient with us and so helpful. We are so grateful to all of you for making a very difficult time in our lives so much more bearable. We had a great experience in your care.

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our healthy twins a boy and a girl. Thank you for making our dreams come true. During my journey, I came across so many well-known fertility doctors but Dr Sonia is the only fertility doctor I came across who was always open for discussions about the treatment, she was never offended if her patient were knowing the fertility treatment. She is my God sent Angel and our gratitude towards her is way more than I can express in words.

She exudes so much positivity which is very boosting for a fertility patient who is often under lots of tension and stress. I had one egg retrieval and 2 FET with them and I conceived in my second FET, came to them in 2015 and conceived in 2017 it was very quick, though I took so many breaks of 3 months at a stretch.

My endometrial lining was the troubling one that's what was tricky in my case but with the help of ERA suggested by Dr Sonia we could decide when it will be ideal to transfer and under Dr Sonia guidance the cycle in which I conceived was a natural cycle I was not given any drugs for endometrial lining and I still remember after my transfer when I meet Dr Sonia she was very confident that I will conceive, still remember she said it's hard to catch a natural cycle but once u get hold of it then the conception is certain.

The whole life of our we will remember Southend. Thank you!