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Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby

Why Test Tube Baby Procedure Is Quite Popular?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization is an ideal treatment for women not able to get pregnant. IVF could be an ideal option to have if you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or your partner is having unexplained infertility. The doctor also suggests it if a woman is having blocked fallopian tubes. Moreover, IVF is also suggested if other kinds of techniques do not work such as drugs or intrauterine insemination. Make sure that you are going to have this treatment from the trustworthy platform as it is all about your money, efforts and health. Experienced doctors always make you assure about the best results.


IVF Has Changed Life of Many Couples –

After getting married, a couple wants to be blessed with a baby. However, what if they are not able to conceive. Society, family and friends also start asking a question regarding the child. Some patients do even go in depression if they do not get success to get pregnant. Many couples find IVF treatment for them as a boon, which saved them and made them happy getting blessed with a child.

IVF has emerged as the best option indeed. Now, couples do not get that very much panic upon knowing their infertility. They do believe in advanced medical science. The best thing is that IVF also holds amazing fact with itself such as –

  • In-vitro fertilization (IVF) can truly help in order to get pregnant if other treatments do not work. As of now, many couples have done this treatment and found it quite successful.
  • Ivf is all about a process in which egg is fertilized outside of the body and after that, it is placed into the uterus to make a pregnancy happen.
  • In the USA, one percent of babies are born because of IVF treatment. In addition, patients are happy with the results of this treatment.
  • Studies also say that IVF enhances the chance of multiple births with IVF.

Test Tube Baby Procedure – How It Is Done

When you go for having Test Tube Baby Delhi Treatment, it comes up with the following procedure including –

  • The doctor may give a daily injection for about 2 weeks in order to suppress the natural menstrual cycle
  • Next step is called superovulation in which FSH is given to the patient so that more eggs could be produced in comparison of what does it normally happen.
  • A minor surgical procedure is done known as follicular aspiration. In which, a very thin needle is placed through the vagina and into an ovary so that eggs could be sucked. It if it is not possible then frozen egg or donated eggs could also be used.
  • Insemination and fertilization are next on the list. In this procedure, eggs are collected and placed together along with male sperms. They are put into an environmentally controlled chamber. After a stipulated time, the sperm enters into the egg. Sometimes, doctors do also inject sperm into the egg directly which is also called ICSI. Frozen sperm is also used in some cases and it is helpful in order to have a successful pregnancy.
  • Embryo transfer is next on the list in which one embryo will be placed in the womb. It would be ideal if a couple should discuss with the doctor about it that how many embryos that would be needed to transfer. Generally, a doctor prefers only one embryo to transfer using a thin tube. It is placed in the womb through the vagina. Healthy embryo growth starts happening when it is stuck to the lining of the womb.

Find The Best Test Tube Baby Center

If you have been hunting for the best Test Tube Baby Center in Delhi, you may go with Southend IVF dedicated to serving the best treatment at competitive prices. The platform is here to make you have the best experience. It holds an amazing success rate. As of now, a number patient has taken the treatment and they found it quite beneficial for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your appointment fixed with the doctor and start having treatment. Experienced doctors play a major role to support your emotionally too during treatment. At Southend, we provide couples with a financial plan to have the blessing of a child with Test tube baby cost in Delhi.